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QUID is a fashion company with a passion for beauty and innovation that is social, creative and circular by nature.

The collections come to life from surplus fabrics made available by the most prestigious companies in the textile and fashion sector.

The cooperative collaborates every day with exceptional partners on sustainable projects that reuse surpluses, safeguard the environment and enhance people.

Founded in 2013, today Quid has 144 employees of which 82% are women.

61% of the workforce has a history of work fragility.

24.4% belong to protected classes and 20% belong to vulnerable categories for which there are no incentives or subsidies. At the time of hiring, 17% were in circumstances of socio-work vulnerability but today enjoy a better quality of life and work thanks to the possibility of maintaining a stable job and a growth trajectory in Quid.

The production uses end-of-series fabrics from international fashion brands, avoiding waste of precious fabrics, thus allowing a reduced environmental impact.

The supply chain is entirely Italian. Every activity, from the conception and creation of the prototype, up to production and distribution, takes place in the Verona headquarters.

The impact model is based on the belief that innovative production models are born by transforming the limits of the world and society into starting points. This is the principle of the circular economy but also the heart of social entrepreneurship.

Quid’s mission begins where the others leave off.

Where the fashion supply chain would stop, the design and production process begins. Where the job market excludes, Quid cultivates talent.

Nauty with Quid

Nauty chooses Quid to create its accessories for a collaboration in the name of shared values, including environmental sustainability and inclusion.

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