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Together for FBM is an Italian nonprofit association carried out by volunteers throughout the national territory and founded to support the Fundaciòn Benjamin Mehnert in its outreach activities of the sad Greyhound Cause, in finding adoptive families for rescued Galgos and in recruiting volunteers to leave for the Spanish shelter to help with the grueling work of keeping the animals, living an extraordinary volunteer experience.

La Fundaciòn Benjamin Mehnert

FBM is a non-pro
t Spanish organization that focuses on rescue, psycho
sico evOf the adoption of abandoned dogs, especially Spanish greyhounds. It is totally based on goodwill
and the generosity of those who support it, as it survives solely on private donations and receives no no public subsidy. The Recovery Center was edi
cated in Alcalá de Guadaíra (Seville) in 2008 and over time has a
erted as the largest Greyhound Recovery Center in Europe. It includes a veterinary clinic with outpatient clinics, the veterinary hospital. There are spaces used for u
us, meeting room, teaching rooms and a hostel with 14 beds, made available for volunteers who arrive from afar.
Once recovered, the animals are integrated into an adoption program whose main destinations are Europe and the United States of America. Every year more than a thousand adoptions.

In Spain thousands of Spanish greyhounds (Galgos) are tortured and killed when they are no longer useful for hunting, of which there is even an official championship held annually. Raised in herds, left to live a life of hardship undergoing deadly training tied to running vehicles and if unfit or underperforming they are abandoned to a life as strays or tortured and killed. In Spain, hunting and racing with greyhounds is legal and authorized. The scale of this activity, which is fused with archaic and rural traditions rooted in the mentality of the people involved, eludes the authorities, both because of the widespread nature of the phenomenon, and because of the conformation of the territory (very vast and semi-desert, as well as sparsely populated), but above all because of the continuous denial that the Galgueros (hunters) operate towards the authorities and the population.

Together for FBM supports the work of the FBM


Nauty Natural Beauty supports Together for FBM in fundraising campaigns for the purchase of medicines essential for the care of dogs admitted to the Foundation’s hospital. Thanks also to this collaboration recently made possible the purchase of 200 boxes of Glucantime/Antimania for the treatment of Leishmaniasis.

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