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Who I am

Always passionate about cosmetics , I decided to turn this love into my work with a very clear goal : to give life to a ‘beauty-loving, nature-friendly and socially responsible company.

Although 2021 brought with it the burden of renunciations, forced changes, fears and uncertainties because of the pandemic, it gave me a gift a wonderful one: Lorenzo, my son. Lorenzo’s arrival was sudden and premature; I held in my arms a tiny 1-pound bundle that came into the world after only 27 weeks of pregnancy.

Thus began a long and, often, tortuous journey where the words that accompanied my daily life for three long months were : tube, oxygen, respiratory crisis, neurological development….in short, a reality quite different from what I had dreamed of. It was, however, this powerful experience that educated me to see beauty everywhere ,to understand what situations and people were holding me back ,to go beyond fear and to find the courage to pursue my dreams. Nauty is an ambitious project born from the ashes of this experience and the flame of this passion for cosmetics .


“Don’t doze off. Create beautiful things and you will be

confident that they have always acted in accordance with

The evolution of humanity. ”

Salvatore Brizzi

Brand Philosophy

Nauty was born from the desire to create quality, valid and performing products for skincare that can meet the needs of the skin while preserving its balance.

Quality, efficacy, raw materials of natural origin, synergies of latest generation active ingredients, products free of parabens, silicones, SLS/SLES and mineral oils are the cornerstones of Nauty.

We believe in kindness as an act of love towards oneself and towards others.

We believe in work as an expression of oneself and one’s talents.

We believe in the value of small businesses and small artisan workshops, and it is precisely from these realities that our 100% made in Italy cosmetics are born.

We believe in sustainable choices, which is why significant attention is paid to packaging through recyclable bottles, no secondary packaging, fsc-certified paper, and the use of fully biodegradable packaging fillers.

We believe in the beauty of small gestures, of the common good and this is why Nauty is committed to forging partnerships with social cooperatives and supporting solidarity projects.

We believe that we can improve…always….

And what do you believe in?

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Nauty for Social

We place social responsibility and the creation of value and well-being for society at the center of our work; that is why we collaborate in the development of projects to combat all forms of poverty and social exclusion.

Be kind to your skin